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My background

Before I joined PT Plaza Indonesia Realty, Tbk. as an Exhibition & Sponsorship Supervisor, I have been worked as a Project Officer at one of Exhibition Organizer in Jakarta since January 2007 whereby I have been involved in various Exhibition & Conference ranging from National and International Corporate and Government Events.

I joined Plaza Indonesia in June 2011 as part of marketing team handling Exhibition & Sponsorship division.

What i learn

As part of the Marketing team, my main responsibility is to market and promote Plaza Indonesia to the clients and partners to have their events executed here. In specific terms, I handle temporary areas for daily exhibition, casual leasing and promotional items. Finding new clients and partners to engage with Plaza Indonesia and also working with different business lines are also part of my daily activities.

A personal anecdote

My first encounters with a shopping center audience both clients/tenants and customers were quite different from the previous one I used to handle. Here I experienced numerous and different ball of game on how to meet their expectations. One time, I experienced one of the customer’s here expected that they’re welcomed and provided services from the first step they walk in to Plaza Indonesia until they leave without any hassle such as opening the door. 

Advice for candidates

“A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new” - Albert Einstein

So, move out from your comfort zone and always challenge yourself with improvement and creativity!


Lie Felicia

Exhibition & Sponsorship Manager