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My background

I started to join PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty, Tbk since October 1998.  My first career was as a Field Security. I then got promoted as a CCTV Operator in 2008. I also involved in Plaza Indonesia Koperasi as a secretary in 2012. In the same year, I decided to improve my competency by continuing my study in the University by taking Management as my major.  The company then gave me a career opportunity by promoting and mutating me to HR Division in July 2014 to handle ISO & OHSAS Project as a document controller. Starting in January 2016, I had a job enrichment. Besides handling ISO and OHSAS, I also handle Employee Relation in HR Division.

What i learn

My latest postion is as an Employee Relations Staff whereas my main task is to handle Employee Events, maintain good communication with employees and involve in Industrial relation practices. I also support Management Representative and Document Controller in handling ISO and OHSAS by controlling documents and preparing Internal Audit implementation, Management Review and External Audit Process and ISO certification to other Plaza Indonesia Business Units.

A personal anecdote

I had a funny and  interesting experience during my recruitment process.  An interviewer asked me whether the job position that I’ve applied was suitable with my passion and interest. And I answered firmly and  honestly that it was just as my stepping stone. The interviewer was surprised with my answer and smiled and gave me an advice not to answer this way again if i had another interview with other companies. However, I was finally accepted.

Advice for candidates

I have some advices for future candidates that you the one  who can change yourself  if you want to change yourself .  Determination, hardwork and patient are values that you should have. Dont ask company what they can give you but prove yourself first with all your best effort . You will then enjoy the result of your hardwork and your best effort.


Sani Haryono

Employee Relation Staff