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My background

I started in October 1998 as a Security officer. After five years working in Security Department then I moved to Parking Operations department until now. I got promoted in June 2013 as a Parking Operation Section Head in the dedicated team for parking and valet operation in Plaza Indonesia complex

What i learn

I have the opportunity to work on various things everyday such as making parking report, meeting with my team, proposing new ideas on parking management,listen to other people recommendation /vendors on how we can develop new parking services.  It’s been great to work with my great team and other deparments.Thank you to Plaza Indonesia Team as we can work together effectively and provide solutions. 

A personal anecdote

I’ve learned a lot from my leader in Parking Operation Department. He inspires me to be more friendly to others and and have great working spirit.

Advice for candidates

I would tell them to keep being an open minded person and be ready to be creative and love to share. Things that make us different from others that is our ability to give services and offer high-performance, innovative and robust solutions.


Didi Haryadi

Parking Operation Section Head