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My background

I joined Plaza Indonesia in October 2015 as a Management Trainee. After graduating from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya with Electrical Engineering background,  I then  joined Plaza Indonesia Realty. So this is my first working experience, and I’ve been blessed to join with great environment to develop my skills and competencies.

What i learn

As a Management Trainee in Property Directorate, we’ve been trained in 4 different Divisions. We studied whole detailed system in each Division.  During the MT Program, we also have a chance tochoose the most suitable Division and Department based on our passion and talent.  The team from each department are very welcome, and  share their knowledge, so we can learn very effectively.

A personal anecdote

I’ve never imagined before to work in shopping centre like Plaza Indonesia. In my thoughts “As anengineer, what will I do if work in a mall? Just change a lamp or fix some motor pump?”. But then I learn that this building has a big power plant and complicated electricity. I’m so excited by then.

Advice for candidates

Plaza Indonesia has a great working environtment. There are many great opportunities to learn new things here. 


Ananta Setia Dewangga

Management Trainee