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My background

I joined PT Plaza Indonesia Realty TBK. in September 2005 as a fresh graduated from Trisakti University with a Bachelor degree in Accounting. I’ve gained knowledge beyond my expectation andI’ve enjoyed my 11 years at “PT PIR”. My first job is as an Assistant Operational Finance Manager and then I’ve been rotated to Billing Department as Billing Assistant

What i learn

The Accounts Payable of Operational Finance Division brought me to another experience of working.My duties are to review invoices and check its required documentation and to make approval prior to payment, to reconcile vendor statements, to research and correct discrepancies, to monitor gift voucher reimbursement and as a Finance Analyst. I have enhanced my practical knowledge about finance, how to work on short deadline and have improved my technical expertise by working here.

A personal anecdote

I have been blessed to work with wonderful people from different generations over the years. These people have taught me a lot and have given me opportunity to grow successfully. There are so many great things about working at PT PIR. I appreciate the relationship I have developed with my colleagues, there is always an open opportunity to develop your knowledge or to change your career paths within the company. There is always a chance for better career path

My favorite things about PT PIR are Our Leadership, Our Culture and Our Leadership’s Commitment to Our Culture. They have defined values and corporate culture that areimplemented in the real worklife. The Board of Directors here have shown it as a sample for the employees. They They truly walk the talk.  

Advice for candidates

It’s amazing to be able to work and be part of the team here at Plaza Indonesia. I feel lucky to be a part of such a great company. As long as you have the ability to work hard, there is no limit on how far you can reach. If you want to work in good environment, you can join any companies, but if you want to work in a great environment this is the place.


Fajar Utama Burhanuddin

Accounts Payable Supervisor