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My background

I joined Plaza Indonesia in January 1991 as a collection staff and 3 years later, I was rotated to Accounting Department to be an accounting staff. In 2000, I was promoted to be an Accounting Supervisor.

What i learn

As a collection staff, my duties and responsibilities are to collect and receive payment from our tenats and produce Official Receipt (OR), As an Accounting, my duties are to review and sign Official Receipt that has previously been produced by Collection Department. As an Accounting Supervisor, my duties are to prepare Statement of Account (STOA) which is a calculation regarding tenant contract period from the beginning of the contract until the end of the contract period. I have enjoyed my job where I meet and deal with other departments, all employees and the owner of the stores. I’ve interacted with various characters and  it’s very enjoyable.

A personal anecdote

It’s a pleasure to work in Plaza Indonesia from 1991 until now. I enjoy its great environment (clean, lovely and comfortable). They provide great facilities such as luxurious mosque and beautiful break room with its unique design and TV that can be used during our break, Koperasi for Employees. Plaza also provide many training programs for employees, facilitate Employees’ spiritual needs, Employee Union  and Family Outing

Since 2001, Plaza Indonesia provided Hajj / Umrah program for employees. There are 5 selected employees each year. I’m so grateful that in 2002 I was selected for Haj Program and the company covered all the cost. 

There are many things that I get from Plaza Indonesia and it will be such a long story if I have to describe. The point is I’ve been grateful to work in here. It’s my  second home. All the employees starting from Security Officer, Parking staff, cleaning service have known me. 

Advice for candidates

If you work, work for God as He is our provider and do it all your best with highly responsibilities. Work with all your heart, be sure that everything will then be easy. Be ready for change and accept feedbacks from others, be positive in every situation and when you deal with others.


Yayang Maesturoh

Accounting Supervisor